Upgrade Planning using vRealize Network Insight

Upgrading vSphere infrastructure is not a small task, it requires good amount of planning. vSphere admin may want to know how many vSphere hosts exist with version, number of VMs with VMware tools status etc. Getting such information needs manual / tedious tasks such as PowerCLI, excel, etc. Fortunately, vSphere admin can leverage vRNI Pinboards

How to Integrate vRNI with VMC

In this blog post, we’ll see how to integrate VMC (VMware Cloud on AWS) instance to vRNI as a data source. Supported Versions: vRNI 4.0 VMC Datacenter with build version above M5P2  Process: Step1: Open all required firewall rules Step2: Create required permissions / CSP refresh token Step3: Add VMC vCenter : Login to vRNI –> Settings

Introduction to vRealize Network Insight

VMware vRealize Network Insight is a Security planning, Network visualization & debugging tool especially designed for SDDC & NSX. I would recommend all NSX users to deploy & try vRNI for better visibility and security planning. Top Use-cases: Micro-segmentation Planning: Identify network segments and flows between them, get firewall rules recommendations 360 Visibility & Troubleshooting:

vRealize Network Insight useful Search Queries

Flow Related Queries Show VMs per L2 segment (can restrict with where vlan = xyz). Replace vlan with vxlan if using logical switches. vm by vlan where vlan = “xyz” Show a list of VMs with their gateway, network, VLAN etc: L2 Network , vlan, ip address, default gateway of vms Search a MAC address

Free Ebooks

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What is vRealize Network Insight ?

What is vRNI ? vRNI is a Security planning, Network visualization & debugging tool for VMware SDDC  Use Cases: –Micro-segmentation Planning –360 Visibility & Troubleshooting –Manage and Scale NSX Unique Features: –Natural language search –East-West traffic analysis(Server to Sever Internal Traffic) –VXLAN to VLAN logical path mappings

All Information about vCloud Director 9.0

Quick Links: Download vCloud Director 9.0 vCloud Director 9.0 Release Notes What’s new in vCloud Director 9.0 VMware Product Interoperability Matrices vCloud Director Product Home Page vCloud Director Documentation  vCloud Director 9.0 is exclusively available to Service Providers that are enrolled in the vCloud Air Network (vCAN) program