VCAP-CIA Study Material and Blue Print

I am very excited that I passed VCAP-CIA, I would like to share the complete study material for VCAP-CIA aspirants. Before prepartion, I strongly recommend to go through all vCloud Director Free Courses: Summary of the VCAP-CIA Blue Print. Section 1 – Configure and Maintain vCloud Director Objective 1.1 – Configure centralized logging Objective

Active user sessions in vCloud Director

Unlike user Sessions in vCenter there is no method to check in vCloud GUI, but we can get the information from the vCloud DB. Requirement: DB Access to the vCloud DB Query to find the number of Active users: Run the below query against vCloud DB. select username,fullname,email,date_last_accessed from usr,user_session where usr.user_id = user_session.user_id; Output:

vCloud Director & vShield Training – VMware Free Course Material

Here are some great Training from VMware university for free Click the below links to register VMware vCloud Director Fundamentals [V5.5] vCloud Networking and Security Fundamentals [V5.5] vCloud Director 1.5 vShield Fundamentals VMware vShield Edge Fundamentals [V5.X] VMware vShield App Fundamentals [V5.X]   Other great free courses offered by VMware University.

Virtualization Basics

Virtualization Basics: Virtualization is a term that refers to the various techniques, methods and approaches, in this post I will provide overview of x86 hardware virtualization.Virtualization, in simple, running more than a operating system in an isolated and secure environment on a single physical hardware. History of Virtualization begins with IBM mainframes (1960s), back in old days

VCAP-CIA Released

 What is VCAP-CIA? VMware Certified Advanced Professional – Cloud Infrastructure Administration.   –  Advanced Level Certification for vCloud Director. –  This Certification is similar to VCAP-DCA,It is  a Live LAB Exam consists     of 28-30 Questions / tasks. –  It evaluates candidate knowledge on.          –  vCloud director Administration.          –  Installation. –   Configuration. – 

VMware Essential Links

Config Maximums – VMware Config Maximums – VI3 Config Maximums – vSphere 4.1 Config Maximums – vSphere 5.0 Config Maximums – vSphere 5.1 Config Maximums – vSphere 5.5 HCL – Interop Matrix Hardware Compatibility Guides VMware Product Interoperability Matrix vSphere/VI3 Compatibility Matrix Cli – Power Cli PowerCLI Cmdlets Reference PowerCLI Reference Poster vSphere Command Line

Recreating corrupted VMX file

During Vm’s VMX corruption, it loses its ability to power on VM since the VM will either go as “Invalid” or “Inaccessible” state. There are multiple methods to re-create VMXs files to get the VM up, this is a simple method to recreate VMX with minimal amount of time. This method(Script) will read the VMware.log

vCloud Director Maximums 1.5 / 5.1 / 5.5

vCloud Director Maximums 1.5 / 5.1 / 5.5 When I troubleshoot issues, multiple customers inquired about vCloud director maximums, usually I refer them KB and Documents. I just decided to do comparision of both vCloud versions and post it here, I believe it should be useful for others and especially me for my own reference.

Free 5GB Online Cloud Storage

OpenDrive – cloud based drive accessible from anywhere.OpenDrive is an online storage service that creates a virtual file system on your computer or mobile device enabling you to work with your files in the cloud.The mission of OpenDrive is to have one single source of files resigning in the cloud and the ability to access