All Information about vCloud Director 9.0

Quick Links: Download vCloud Director 9.0 vCloud Director 9.0 Release Notes What’s new in vCloud Director 9.0 VMware Product Interoperability Matrices vCloud Director Product Home Page vCloud Director Documentation  vCloud Director 9.0 is exclusively available to Service Providers that are enrolled in the vCloud Air Network (vCAN) program    

vCloud Startup Issue

vCD service fails to start for numerous reasons, if you understand what exactly it requires to start the vCD service then you may resolve the issues. I tried explaining what happens when you start the vCloud director services. Below is the workflow that I understood from my experience Start-up Flow: vCloud Director uses JAVA OSGI,

vCloud Director Troubleshooting.

I started working with vCloud director from its initial release (vCloud 1.0) and I was thinking to write an article about the vCloud director troubleshooting for very long time but finally vCloud director(vCD) is going to die oops..I.e it is getting better and better , have a look at below articles  

Active user sessions in vCloud Director

Unlike user Sessions in vCenter there is no method to check in vCloud GUI, but we can get the information from the vCloud DB. Requirement: DB Access to the vCloud DB Query to find the number of Active users: Run the below query against vCloud DB. select username,fullname,email,date_last_accessed from usr,user_session where usr.user_id = user_session.user_id; Output:

vCloud Director & vShield Training – VMware Free Course Material

Here are some great Training from VMware university for free Click the below links to register VMware vCloud Director Fundamentals [V5.5] vCloud Networking and Security Fundamentals [V5.5] vCloud Director 1.5 vShield Fundamentals VMware vShield Edge Fundamentals [V5.X] VMware vShield App Fundamentals [V5.X]   Other great free courses offered by VMware University.

vCloud Director Maximums 1.5 / 5.1 / 5.5

vCloud Director Maximums 1.5 / 5.1 / 5.5 When I troubleshoot issues, multiple customers inquired about vCloud director maximums, usually I refer them KB and Documents. I just decided to do comparision of both vCloud versions and post it here, I believe it should be useful for others and especially me for my own reference.