Autologon windows in Application Director

I had a customer who was trying to deploy a blueprint from Application Director and need autologon feature. The Endpoint is vCloud Director AppD –> vCloud Director –> VM When we deployed the VM directly from vCD (Request –> vCD –> VM) , autologon worked but same didn’t work from AppD (Request –> AppD –> vCD –>VM).

Log Locations of all VMware Products

In this post I tried consolidating all the VMware product’s log location for handy use. vCenter vCenter 6.0 vSphere Profile-Driven Storage Inventory service vSphere Web Client service vCenter Single Sign-On 5.1 vCenter Single Sign-On 5.5 VMware Converter vCloud Director vShield Manager vShield Edge  vCloud Usage Meter vCloud Connector  vCenter Operations vRealize Automation Suite 6.x vCenter Orchestrator  

vCloud Startup Issue

vCD service fails to start for numerous reasons, if you understand what exactly it requires to start the vCD service then you may resolve the issues. I tried explaining what happens when you start the vCloud director services. Below is the workflow that I understood from my experience Start-up Flow: vCloud Director uses JAVA OSGI,

vCloud Director Troubleshooting.

I started working with vCloud director from its initial release (vCloud 1.0) and I was thinking to write an article about the vCloud director troubleshooting for very long time but finally vCloud director(vCD) is going to die oops..I.e it is getting better and better , have a look at below articles