vCloud Availability for vCloud Director service   vCloud Availability for vCloud Director is a Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service (DRaaS) solution that provides simple and secure asynchronous replication and failover for vSphere managed workloads. The service operates through a vCloud Air Network Service Provider, and each installation provides recovery for multiple tenants. The service provides the following features: ■ Self-service protection, failover

Workstation 12 & enhaced Integration with vCloud Air

For anyone to experience virtualization, the start point is VMware Workstation, no exception to me as well. Using workstation anyone can setup a simple lab with minimal resource. Workstation has grown a lot today and you can do so many things. With Workstation 12 Pro release, integration with vCloud Air has enhanced alot. You can manage

Certifications related to cloud computing

  Cloud U What it’s all about: Delivered by cloud provider Rackspace, Cloud U is a vendor-neutral curriculum designed for IT professionals and business leaders that covers and certifies knowledge of the fundamentals of Cloud Computing. CloudU content is available to any professional at any time, but if you want a formal recognition of your

Autologon windows in Application Director

I had a customer who was trying to deploy a blueprint from Application Director and need autologon feature. The Endpoint is vCloud Director AppD –> vCloud Director –> VM When we deployed the VM directly from vCD (Request –> vCD –> VM) , autologon worked but same didn’t work from AppD (Request –> AppD –> vCD –>VM).

vCloud Air – Two interfaces ?

Everyday I talk to lot of vCloud Air customers, often I hear feedback vCloud Air UI is confusing. The confusion is two interfaces, which is vCloud Air portal and vCloud director portal According to me vCloud Air Portal is simple and quick               vCloud Director Portal is advanced and

vCloud Air OnDemand – An Intro

On Jan 20, 2015, VMware rolled out another version of Cloud service offering “vCloud Air On Demand”. This time VMware made the process very simple to access the service. Customers can use their credit cards to sign-up vCloud Air On Demand service(Pay-As-You-Go)(PAYG Model) and start their VMs in few clicks / minutes. As a promotion,

VCP-NV VMware Certified Professional Network Virtualization – Blueprint

  VMware Certified Professional – Network Virtualization (VCP-NV) is ready for scheduling at PearsonVue (VCPN610)   Request for Authorization (mylearn): Blue Print: Practice Exam :   Choose one of the paths below to earn your VCP-NV Certification Path 1: Just starting with Network Virtualization Technologies. 1 Completion of the following course is REQUIRED: VMware NSX: Install,