Upgrade Planning using vRealize Network Insight

Upgrading vSphere infrastructure is not a small task, it requires good amount of planning. vSphere admin may want to know how many vSphere hosts exist with version, number of VMs with VMware tools status etc. Getting such information needs manual / tedious tasks such as PowerCLI, excel, etc.

Fortunately, vSphere admin can leverage vRNI Pinboards to do the job. Below is a sample upgrade planner Pinboard.

Queries used to create this Pinboard.

  • count of vms
  • count of hosts
  • count of datastore
  • count of standard switch
  • count of Distributed Virtual Switch
  • Count of flow
  • host group by Operating System 
  • host group by Cluster
  • hosts group by Hostprep Feature Status
  • host group by Datastores
  • host group by Hostprep Feature Version
  • vms group by Operating System
  • vms group by VMTools Status
  • Datastore group by VMFS Version
  • Datastore group by Disk Type Ssd