Usage Meter 3.2 Import data fails

Look at the old post for How to upgrade UM to 3.2 . In this post I will cover the error faced while upgrade. When I was  importing the data from old appliance, I got below error Connection closed by remote host To dig this error in detail, I trid to ssh to old appliance [code]ssh [email protected][/code]

vCloud Startup Issue

vCD service fails to start for numerous reasons, if you understand what exactly it requires to start the vCD service then you may resolve the issues. I tried explaining what happens when you start the vCloud director services. Below is the workflow that I understood from my experience Start-up Flow: vCloud Director uses JAVA OSGI,

vCloud Director Troubleshooting.

I started working with vCloud director from its initial release (vCloud 1.0) and I was thinking to write an article about the vCloud director troubleshooting for very long time but finally vCloud director(vCD) is going to die oops..I.e it is getting better and better , have a look at below articles