VCAP-CIA Released

 What is VCAP-CIA?
VMware Certified Advanced Professional – Cloud Infrastructure Administration.
–  Advanced Level Certification for vCloud Director.
–  This Certification is similar to VCAP-DCA,It is  a Live LAB Exam consists
    of 28-30 Questions / tasks.
–  It evaluates candidate knowledge on.
         –  vCloud director Administration.
         –  Installation.
–   Configuration.
–  Ability to manage complex Private, Public and Hybrid clouds.
–  Ability to manage complex vCloud networks.

VCAP-CIA Resources: 


 VCP-DCV 5 (VMware Certified professional – Data Center Virtualization).
VCP-Cloud (VCPVCD510)

Preparing for VCAP-CIA:


–  Deploy Home VCD lab.
–  Explore all available options in VCD. (Do not leave any options).
–  LAB performance may be sluggish so prepare yourself well ,know what you are doing and Complete the task in one go.
–  Read the complete vCloud director Documentation
–  Go through the Blue-Print.

How to manage time in the VCAP exams?

when I was attending VCAP-DCA I stuck on a task for 1 hour without realizing (In VCAP exams time flies like a jet) , so this time  I have followed below steps in order to track and manage time.
–  Once I entered into the Exam Venue, I got one Erasable PAD and Pen

–  In the pad, I wrote the Numbers 1 to 28 (No of questions).
–  You can observe time counter on Top Right side.
–  So I wrote 1 with Start time say 230 Min  – 1) Start -230
–  Started doing the task and at the end I wrote in the pad with end time and a tickmark.
–  ” 1)  Start 230 Min – end 221 Min – Tick ” .
–  This step will identify how long you take to complete one question / task and will help you in managing other questions.
Sample Question:


 Create a vAPP with following properties

  –  2 VMs inside VAPP
  –  Name first VM – InternalVM
  –  Name Second VM – ExternalVM
  –  Configure InternalVM with only Internal Network Connectivity.
   – Configure ExternalVM with both Internal Only Org Network and External NAT routed      Network.